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Deeply rooted 

What does this tree symbolize to you? While the palm tree is my favorite tree (and I’ve written about it before), this tree however, resonates so deeply with me! To me it tells me that when you are deeply rooted, you can branch out in any form but your root, that’s your foundation and nothing (not even a storm) can uproot you! 

Yeah, the healthiest of trees have been uprooted; even the most solid & aged trees – but that doesn’t happen often (there’s usually some circumstance beyond our control and sometimes we are simply not taking care of it [ourselves]).

You may have some dead branches or perhaps some of the leaves have dried out and are holding on by its last vein, or maybe it simply falls off, but the root, well that only grows deeper in the soil. Rich in nutrients that continue to add to the life of each branch and leaf and perhaps flower.

This tree is soaring, dancing, living, growing and is simply beautiful! If there is anything that we can learn about trees, it would be that we need to appreciate them (ourselves), we need to take care of them (water it and cut off old branches to allow for further growth), we need to breathe them in (take in the beauty that you are) and lastly, allow it to grow (don’t let anything hinder its potential)!

Trees can prosper without sunlight but imagine what a little love and light can do!! So my peeps, take a deep look at this gorgeous life (the tree & you) and reflect – think about the beauty and it’s endless possibilities! #peace & #love to you all – always ❤️🏝 


Do you really want to know?

Do you really want to know?

Is knowing better than not knowing and vise versa?

We’ve all said it at one time or another…”I’d much rather not know than know”!

Why? Cause the truth sometimes hurts…way deep down inside.

I often ask myself – do I really want to know if my kids are sexually active? Not really… but as a responsible parent, I would definitely inform them of their choices, options, resources, and I would definitely listen if they needed to talk or found themselves in trouble.

Do I really want to know if my kids are smoking, drinking and/or involved in some form of illegal activities? Not really (hey, just saying)… But if they are, were or even thinking about it, I’d have a long heart-to-heart conversation(s) about the consequences – addiction, jail, loss of job, family, health, mental health….

Do you really want to know if your partner is having an affair? If you’ve been diagnosed with a deadly STD? Do you really want your friend to tell you or you to him/her that they are a shitty friend, or that someone is selfish or insencere or just plain ole-stupid?

Come on… we’ve all thought of one of these scenarios….
Be honest!

At the end of the day, these are tough conversations to have with anyone, let alone those you really love.

Many of us refuse to have these conversations because they may see the truth as a reflection of their parenting, a reflection of their ability (or inability) to commit or to be honest, they may see it as a failure on their end, or perhaps they are afraid of hurting someone. And then you will have some who trully just don’t give two-shits (sorry) about it!

Whatever your reasons for wanting or not wanting to know the truth, I see it as a moral duty and an obligation to those we love and care about – having those tough conversations can mean the difference between life or death (in the case of the drugs), it can make a difference in that person’s life and yes, even in your life – I mean really? Who really wants to hold on to baggage, or unresolved feelings? That’s when the “do I really want to know?” turns into “what if…”

It’s a tough one I know! I can certainly make a case for not telling or wanting to know the truth! I’ve certainly kept my mouth shut on more than one occassion (and if you know me, it’s hard to bite my tongue)…

I guess at the end of the day, you have to learn to pick your battles… it’s really up to you, but when things don’t go your way and/or you find something out – remember….you didn’t want to know or maybe you really did!

Food for thought….