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Day #2 Reflection – What was your greatest lesson learned?

Day #2 Reflection – What was your greatest lesson learned?

WOW! Loaded question ha? We can all probably respond, if you’re lucky, with at least a handful of responses; at least I know I can!

But if I had to pick – I think the greatest lesson learned is that “I am not defined by a title”!

For so long, I compared my success (the types of jobs I’ve had or did not have, my title/salary) to others whom I thought shared in the same skills set/career landscape as me. Truth be told, I began to doubt me, my abilities, skills, and my strengths.

A good friend told me during my most lowest of moments that “titles don’t define me as a woman.” He was so right! They don’t! This comment came to me about an hour or so after I had a conversation with a little birdie named Liz A. Garcia, who told me to “own my success”… that was such an aha moment for me. She further told me to stop defending what needed no defending – to not compare myself to others, for we all choose the path we’re on, and to just go for it.

I now have my dream job, and a title I love (lol…) and most importantly, doing what I absolutely love and for so long envisioned for myself; but the point is that I did not stop fighting for what I new I was worthy & deserving of!

I learned that I will no longer define my capabilities, strengths, contributions or worth by a title I carry – but rather, the title is only an extension of the beauty, skills, and strength I posses! #wepa

Surround yourself with positive people. People who will uplift you, empower you and believe in you when you don’t believe in yourself!

What is your greatest lesson learned? Please share…



Things happen for a reason

Good things do happen….

As I look back to the beginning of the year – from the untimely death of my grandmother – to celebrating my 40th birthday – to immediately thereafter the loss of a position I highly regarded leaving me with seeking employment for nearly 7 months – to landing a great position with a great company – to then landing the position of my dreams nearly two months after! There is no doubt that the saying “things happen for a reason” is 100% correct!

“Things happen for a reason” – so much easier said than taken. I’ve always wondered how people feel when they say this to other people; but the reality is that they mean well! But truth be told, it definitely makes a person listening to it want to cold-smack the person who is saying it upside the head! Lol

All jokes aside – what a journey I’ve been on this year, and I have to say that it’s definitely ending with a bang!

During the two months of employment with my current company, I was able to refer & hire three friends and acquaintances! I was able to refer two others who are currently being interviewed and have a good chance of being hired.

I have been able to reconnect with an old high school friend from the Bronx that I happened to see at a church where I was doing community relations – talk about “it’s a small world”. During my short time, a little less than two months in fact, I was able to coordinate and participate in several food pantries and soup kitchens, attend several community outreach events, position my company for everlasting success & have met some amazing people throughout three counties.

I really feel I was in this position to get reacquainted with old friends, to help others find a full-time permanent position, and to meet new people that will forever impact “my” life! Things happen for a reason!

Looking back I really feel that I was supposed to go through this journey; it allowed for self-reflection, self-affirmation, self-motivation, self-determination!

While this journey has tested me in so many ways, there’s been balance – balance is important my friends!

What has kept me balanced and sane these past couple of months?

Well first off, there’s always family and the support you get from your significant other, from your family, from your friends! But I also have to add that what has helped keep the balance is the network of support that I’ve been able to build & nurture outside of my immediate circle. From Facebook groups, to reading great articles in Essence magazine & NewLatina.net – to reading articles that have been posted by other aspiring, career-minded-driven woman, to speaking to life-coaches and my good friend Hector, that is what has kept me balanced and helped me reaffirm my positive attributes, my self-worth, and helped me to realize that I was good enough – that I was worthy of nothing but the very best, that I’ve worked really hard for the great things that are out there and within my reach, and that my goals are in fact achievable and don’t always have to be a dream!

I’m forever grateful to those woman, and you know who you are, who have believed in me. When they provide a reference, they say the most amazing things about me. The way they remember all my contributions, all my accomplishments, the ways that I have helped them in their organizations & in their communities, the way I carry myself, my professionalism, the way they view my work ethics – it’s really beyond words..no words can express my gratitude – I suppose a Thank You will do!

To those women who have been there and provided a listening ear, a vote of confidence and the simple words of “your amazing – cut it out -keep your head up and keep moving!” I thank you too!

Together with the quote that “good things happen for a reason”, I also add “success is never attainable alone”

Having been the victim of unemployment twice within a 4 year period, I know first-hand what it’s like to have to put yourself out there! To have to sell your experiences, to be rejected, to feel like you’re not good enough…. It’s not easy!

Folks, surround yourself with people who believe in your strengths, who can provide you with tips about self-improvements & best practices, and who can provide a listening ear! Seek out a mentor!

I am excited to begin a new journey in a field/sector I highly respect and value; working with diverse women
in areas of empowerment, coaching and goal setting!

balance + support + self = Success

I got this! I now understand why things happen, and they are in fact for a reason!

No regrets – just life lessons!