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Te Quiero Mucho

Te Quiero Mucho

I realized long long ago (24 years ago to be exact) that I was a lucky girl. Lucky to have the love, support and respect of my in-law’s.

Lucky to be told that I was an amazing daughter to them and an even more amazing mother to their first grandson and later their grandaughter.

From the first time I stepped foot into their home and welcomed with open arms, I knew at that moment that I was going to have the best in-laws free of bias, negativity, hostility or jealousy!

My mother-in-law never once treated me unfairly. She always gave respectful advice when raising my kids, gave me tight hugs and told me “te quiero mucho mucho” whenever she saw me, and always told her son “portate bien y no sea wevon”! Lol

Same was for my father-in-law — he would always tell JC that I was a good woman, a good mother, that I was beautiful and “inteligente”! To this day, he still calls the house to check-in on us, make sure I have my A-Game hat on and to tell us, and me “te quiero mucho”!!

It’s those words and the memory of a tight hug that comforts my soul as my dear mother-in-law fights a wicked, cruel and disheartening illness – Alzheimers. The one illness that takes away your precious memory and your abilty to communicate; but never does it take away the love in your heart & soul and the soothing sence of touch !

As I try to comfort my husband as he bares witness to his mother’s loss of all cognitive functions; I remind him that his touch and his kisses are the one thing that she can feel no matter how thick or raw the surface appears!!

He whispers in her ears “te quiero mucho mami” and she moans as if to say “yo tambien te quiero mucho”.

I too whisper “te quiero mucho” and plant a kiss on her forehead and then it appears – a smile ~

Loving my mother-in-law always ~

For more info on Alzheimer’s – please visit http://www.alzfdn.org