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Day #2 Reflection – What was your greatest lesson learned?

Day #2 Reflection – What was your greatest lesson learned?

WOW! Loaded question ha? We can all probably respond, if you’re lucky, with at least a handful of responses; at least I know I can!

But if I had to pick – I think the greatest lesson learned is that “I am not defined by a title”!

For so long, I compared my success (the types of jobs I’ve had or did not have, my title/salary) to others whom I thought shared in the same skills set/career landscape as me. Truth be told, I began to doubt me, my abilities, skills, and my strengths.

A good friend told me during my most lowest of moments that “titles don’t define me as a woman.” He was so right! They don’t! This comment came to me about an hour or so after I had a conversation with a little birdie named Liz A. Garcia, who told me to “own my success”… that was such an aha moment for me. She further told me to stop defending what needed no defending – to not compare myself to others, for we all choose the path we’re on, and to just go for it.

I now have my dream job, and a title I love (lol…) and most importantly, doing what I absolutely love and for so long envisioned for myself; but the point is that I did not stop fighting for what I new I was worthy & deserving of!

I learned that I will no longer define my capabilities, strengths, contributions or worth by a title I carry – but rather, the title is only an extension of the beauty, skills, and strength I posses! #wepa

Surround yourself with positive people. People who will uplift you, empower you and believe in you when you don’t believe in yourself!

What is your greatest lesson learned? Please share…