Who Am I?

Who am I? It’s a question often asked by many in our journey here on earth and yet, one of the most difficult questions to answer. What quickly comes to mind when asked “who am I” – my immediate response is that I am a mother, a daughter, sister, titi (aunt), niece, cousin and friend. All amazing things to be, but in my new-found journey and what’s important to “me” in this stage of my life, is that I am “first” a human being, a woman with great strengths, spirit, values and morals. I am high spirited, I love to laugh, I love music & dance, I love to socialize and converse with like-minded people and I love the act of learning – of discovery, of self-discovery and the act of community service – paying it forward.


2 thoughts on “Who Am I?

  1. Hector Cabrera

    Hola Lanette, como prometi visite tu blog y debo decirte con toda honestidad,que estoy muy orgulloso de ti y de tus logros… EXTRAORDINARIO!!
    Lei con la debida atencion cada una de las notas o articulos y creeme amiga, se pueden sentir las altas y bajas de la montana rusa que describes en el primer articulo. Prometo darle seguimiento a tus escritos… PAZ!!



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