Wake Up – The Universe Has Awoken You! 

Has the Universe awoken you? Did it feel more like it threw you with a bucket of ice-cold water and then smaked you up a couple of times followed by a pretty hard shake? Well yeah, it did for me! Still reeling from it – body still kinda sore, ego bruised and spirit still being put together! Damn it…lol!

Ultimate believer that everything happens for a reason and that there are valuable lessons to learn from the good, bad and indifferent! Processing, reflecting and learning from it all. I take and share my lessons to empower others as there is no guilt or shame in sharing ones story!

Empowerment only comes from the act of giving oneself honestly and truthfully free of bias and judgement!! The world will adjust – it always does! ❤️ blessed day peeps! Live life fully #awake

Look out for my short story to be published soon ~ it’ll keep you scrolling down to the end with the hopes that you take something meaninginful away from it! 🙏🏽


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