The Ego 

The EGO – when it creeps up and/or is how your life is guided, you are most likely living for everyone else except yourself! 

When EGO creeps up, ask yourself why you’re feeling that way? Most likely your surface feelings are hurt and/or your acting out “against your true authentic self”. You are in fact living under everyone else’s expectations of you! You see, when you live life authentically (being true to who you are) then you leave no room for EGO!!

EGO, when it creeps up can cause havoc if not handled swiftly. So don’t confuse surface – “fake” feelings for your identity because most often than not, it will leave you feeling empty and alone. Love yourself first and live the authentic you! Anything less than that means you’re a puppet so #ownyourtruth my peeps! #lovingmefirst 😘 


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