2014: Mind, Body & Spirit

Yes! Only you can take care of your mind, body & spirit (soul). Those you let into your inner circle are suppose to nourish it & never bruise it!

As you begin to finalize your goals for the new year, I encourage you to make room on your list of ways to put yourself first!

These acts of selfishness are totally necessary. It’s the only way you can assure that you are balanced!

As I reflect on this past year, I realize how blessed I am to have an amazing family, an uber-amazing life partner, and a circle of friends that have aided in my growth as a woman!

There have been lapses in judgement, and I’ve let people in who have done a disservice to my soul; nonetheless, as I look ahead to 2014, I know that these things were suppose to happen. I realize that things happen for a reason, but that ultimately, I am the one in control of my mind, body & spirit!

I will only allow in those who fuel my fire, not throw water at it! I will only allow in those that feed my brain with nutrients that add to my growth as a woman. I will only allow in those that make me happy! I will follow my gut (my soul, my spirit if you will) – for it will never steer me in the wrong direction!

I will owe no one an explanation for my decisions – because my decisions are what’s right for me & my soul. I will stay true to my core, to my values, to my true friends, to my family, to my career!

I will continue to love me first, for you can never truly love others if you don’t love you first!




3 thoughts on “2014: Mind, Body & Spirit

  1. Anna Anton

    My dear friend, YOU never cease to amaze me, you are an incredible woman with incredible strength!! A fearless woman? Yes you are!! YOU are one of the very few women I know who are an integral part of my very close and intimate inner circle, as true friendships are rare and hard to come by. The ups and downs we share through conversation are extremely necessary for the soul – I only wish we lived closer to each other. Thank goodness for social media as I look forward to reading your blogs. I want to say Thank You for always being a true friend. Know that I will always be here, a good friend in return. And yes…I totally agree, loving oneself first is extremely necessary for the soul, I love me!!!

    Again, thank you!!!!!

    Luv ya girl xoxo

    Anna Anton


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