Day 1 Reflection – What has been your funniest moments?

Day 1 Reflection – what has been your funniest moments?

I tried to think of the funniest moment but in all honesty, I’ve had many funny moments. You see, I swear I have the funniest & silliest husband ever! One of my many sayings to him is that the only reason I’m with him is because “he makes me laugh”!

The apples did not fall far from the tree because my two kids can be pretty hilarious. Especially my 17 year old daughter – she can say the darnedest of things! My son, he does great imitations!

Then there’s my family! One look at my oldest brother and no doubt, I’m already laughing!

My aunt and uncle have become pretty funny too, and my cousin Christine – she’s funny as heck too!

Zumba – well, laughter never fell short at my classes! In fact, laughter and smiles were mandatory! I was often the subject of the laughter: from yelling “lower” & “jump” after clearly stating that they “never-ever” have to jump or squat! Lol aahh…love my Zumba family!

As I sit and reflect I realize and further appreciate laughter; it’s beauty, the way it brings joy (and even tears) to our lives, and its ability to be instantaneous!

I realize now how important it is to capture those moments – but grateful to have those moments in my heart, soul and memory!

If you know me, I love to laugh and pretty much laugh at anything!

There’s never a day in my house that we’re not laughing! Laughter, like music, can be medicine to your soul – so laugh!

Read a little more here about the benefits of laughter ~

What has been one of your funniest moments? Please share here ~



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