Summer Days

As the summer days wind down…

As the days of no longer lounging by the pool wind down…

As the last days of taking in the 70+ degree weather wind down…

I sit back on my lounger (I have to soon put that away too) and reflect on the past seven months!

Seven months of unemployment and the mixed emotions that come with it such as – feeling defeated, helpless, hopeless, restless, annoyed, angry, desperate, bored… and then there were the moments of reflection, relaxation, appreciation of family & friends, liberation, and yes the occassional glass of sangria!!

The past seven months have been a journey, yet I realize that I was supposed to go through this journey of unemployment. I now realize that my talents were under utilized and that my sence of self, passion and work ethics were being tested.

That the self-righteousness acts of others only made me a stronger woman – ready, willing and able to land on her feet and be the recipient of bigger, better and more deserving things!

I realized in this journey who my true friends are, who my acquaintaces are and who are the people you “just know”!!

There were those who stood in touch all the time regardless of their own personal struggles!

There were those who checked in every so often with words of encouragement!

There were those that sent leads, introductions to friends and offerings of help!

Then there were those that never bothered to check in!!

At the end of the day this isn’t about who was there in times of hardships and emotional turmoil – but rather the endurance that I possess to have triumphed through these months!

I thank those who took the time to speak with me & provide great tips from resume review, to cover letter pointers, to interview tips or just to speak!

I thank those who I met on a fly by and jumped at the opportunity to help me!

I thank my husband for keeping me grounded, for supporting my journey and reminding me that “it’ll work out”, for being my cheerleader!!

I am truly excited to begin my new journey with an amazing company doing what I love! At the end of it all, chances are that this opportunity may not have been presented if I were still at my previous employment! Sometimes unemployment is a blessing in disguise~

And while they say never burn bridges – I have to admit that my bridge with certain people is a bridge I’m happy to dismantle!

Staying positive, staying grounded, staying true to me! Living my life with integrity, for I know that remaining empowered and honest is the only way to reach the ultimate goal!

Let my new journey begin~



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