Drugs are WICKED

Drugs are wicked ~
Drugs are wicked, taboo, evil, poison
They [it] destroy(s) lives
They [it] destroy(s) families
They [it] destroy(s) the human mind – your ability to think critically, strategically, theoretically, honestly…clearly
They [it] corrupt(s) your ability to fully love others…to fully love yourself
They [it] make(s) you a chronic liar; you begin to believe your own lies
They [it] make(s) you ugly no matter how good you think you are
They [it] brake down the “scientific part of you” = your liver, your brain, your motor skills, your blood is forever poisned, for there is truly no functional druggie
They [it] make(s) the ones who love you the most – feel sad for you, helpless and hopeless
They [it] makes death appear a lot closer than the corner store
With drugs in your pocket there is no end in site
Drugs can be a permanent solution to a temporary problem

But all love and “hope” is not lost
For when you are ready, there is help
There is support
There is love
There is family
There is trust
There is HOPE for a healthier you

Tears are cried together
Success is celebrated together

But it all starts with you

Own the addiction, it doesn’t make
you bad or a failure – it makes you human ~ for you have now realized that you are worth living

Get the help you need – it’s often just a phone call away, steps away, eyesight away

Stay committed to you, your life – love yourself first because you are no good to others when the blood that makes you function is intoxicated by all that is evil

Remember, you are not the first or last – there are survivors – let’s add your name to the list because YOU are so worth living

Take the first step

Love you first ~



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