Test of Self

Test of Self

So where do I start? Funny how I come up with my own topics, yet, it can take me days to get my thoughts together.

Test of self – so what do I mean by that? Well for starters, I feel that life’s journey takes you on a path that challenges you in so many different ways. For me, the past three months have been a challenge – a test of self!

You see, I am on the job market and I am being very strategic and meticulous on the types of jobs I apply for. But in doing so comes less opportunities, less interviews, more competiveness and denials of jobs that would’ve been a great fit!

A test of self = bouncing back from denial, feeling defeated and/or perhaps that feeling that you’re not as good as the person who ultimately got the “job”…

To me, moving ahead from these dissappointments is a test of self. Test of self-endurance, self-enpowerment, self-esteem, self-motivation. If I can get over these hurdles and emotions – then I have passed the test; if I’m sulking in self-pitty, then I have failed the test and failed me.

We’ve all heard the saying (whether you believe and/or are religious)

“God does not give us things we can’t handle”….

It’s so true!! Despite the worst of difficulties, struggles and pain – we always end up OKAY! Right? Things just always get a little easier!

It’s only when we choose to fail, choose to be in denial, to be sad, to be unhappy, to be blue, to be defeated – that is when we fail. But when you test [your] self and you pass – these things are only temporary and you – you ultimately become stronger!

Can you pass the self-test? I think you can! In fact, I know you can!

Test to be the best. Life is a journey – live it!




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