Fly like a bird

Fly like a bird ~

I found this picture; the words in it are so powerful and profound. I’ve been sitting on this picture for some days, trying to figure out all its possible meanings and the best way to articulate my thoughts and share with you.

So I thought:
1) how do we know the bird hasn’t flown (are we worried about other’s achievements more than our own and we view this bird as a solitary soul who hasn’t taken the leap of faith?)
2) what if the bird has flown but it feels most comfortable where it sits now? (maybe the world isn’t as amazing as we think it is)
3) what if the bird is hurt, alone, lost or perhaps needs a push?

So many hypothetical’s; you can probably come up with a gazillion (not really a number) questions/thesis statements, you name it!

So when I saw this pic/quote – I immediately thought all the above but then asked myself “what if I can fly, where would I go?”

My first response would be to fly to a mountain top to take in the views, to reflect; but then again, I can hike there!

Then I thought I can fly to a remote island and just lounge on the sand, swim on clear blue/green warm waters and watch the sun set; then I thought that I can most likely take a jetblue flight, then sail to this island.

Then the dreamer in me thought I can fly to heaven to visit my father and grandparents; but we know that isn’t possible. Then I remember that they live in my heart, soul & memory.

I guess what I am trying to say is that although we’re not birds with the ability to fly freely and at the drop of a dime, we do however have the opportunity to go and do as we please; we have the power to feel and imagine – there really are no limitations or boundaries to where we can fly. Those fears, those temptations, those dreams that are deeply rooted in our soul has the capability to be free much like the bird in the picture.

Fly my friend ~



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