Staying Grounded

“even though a job may be essential, it should never be central to your spirit. Never lose who you are because of what you do. Your job does not make you grand and not having a job does not diminish your importance” (quote taken from “Work Rules” April issue of Essence Magazine and written by Editor-in-Chief, Constance C.R White)

This excerpt is part of a much bigger article which nicely lays out 10 tips for those in search of a new career, a new job or venture. While the tips are helpful (and in all honesty, I have followed all 10), it is the quote (highlighted above) that most notably caught my attention.

I recently wrote “Jack of all trades” where I speak of my professional/personal goals & acheivements and similar to the Essence article, I also believe that you must love what you do and that you must not let it define you.

Nonetheless, there will be times during your quest of finding your ideal job that you begin to doubt yourself, self-sabotage or even raise your hands in despair so ready to throw in the towel! It is in those times that “I” pick up my phone and log on to re-read my blog, and for further reaffirmation, I pick up Essence and reread that excerpt – a gentle reminder that I am not the only woman going through this and that not having a job (at the moment) does NOT diminish my importance!

I know my time will come, when I will land a great job for an amazing organization whose mission align with my own personal values, but until then I will try my hardest to remain grounded and inspired, for there really are no other choices (atleast not in my book)!!

Staying grounded ~ thank you Essence magazine for your April issue!

My beautiful girl Destiny šŸ™‚



3 thoughts on “Staying Grounded

  1. Claudio R. Gomez

    I agree with your thoughts 100%. Not just because you are my friend and you are beautiful and I love you(LOL) but because we share the same views on the subject. I can’t preach enough how important it is to do what you LOVE to do. Find your passion. I say “do” cause work is to pay your bills. What you “do” is what your purpose is in life. If your job is your passion, you can’t call it work. You raise some very key points. The one about not letting your job define you is one of them. Some people get consumed with work that their family, friends, health and dreams suffer because of their willingness to be a good worker or because they are consumed by their job. Getting a job is important to pay you bills but finding and following your dreams is imperative to building your life. Plus when you find your passion your bills and your dreams get satisfied simultaneously, BUILD YOUR DREAM OR SOMEONE WILL PAY YOU TO BUILD THEIRS…



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