Let the game continue ~

Playing through your frustrations and not letting it effect your next play..those were the words uttered from a NBA commentator during today’s Knick’s vs Heat game.

I have to say that the minute I heard the words – it was a sudden “aha” moment for me.

I am not playing the basketball game (In fact, I suck pretty bad at playing basketball, even though I am quite the critic when I see a bad play), but I can certainly appreciate the metaphore.

Life, can in fact be seen as a game. In a basketball game, much like life, we often have:

1) a coach – someone who mentors you, or perhaps provides guidance, set’s you straight, let’s you be you when appropriate, but most importantly – believe’s in your potential

2) strategic planning – much like a play on the court where every move is deliberate, life replicates the same moves, and even though it’s all on paper and you’ve praticed the move, huddled amongst your teamates and played it out over and over again – something happens! You mistep and fall, opposing side fouls you or perhaps stole the ball from you – either way, despite your best efforts – you must fight through it and finish playing the game ~

You get the point right? Being part of a team and playing the game has a lifetime of benefits – sportsmanship, leadership, humality, teamplayer, fighter, loser & winner…..

For me, regardless of the game your playing, you must never let the frustrations of the game prevent you from making the next move!

Let the game continue ~



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