Limonada with a touch of Puerto Rican flair ~

They say that when life throws you lemons, you make lemonade! I suppose that at this stage in my life I could’ve been very wealthy had I branded my lemonade (I wonder if Tropicana is up for a new version of Lemonade) – “Limonada with a touch of Puertorican flair”….whatcha think?

I tell you that I have to laugh these days off because if I don’t, I’d be drowning in lemonade! (but that’ll probably aggravate my eyes…hmm)

Life has definitely thrown me some lemons – pretty outgrown lemons – the one’s that can knock you out if thrown at you by a two-year old (seriously)!!

My most recent hit was the need to resign from my job. (A job that I absolutely loved but became one of unprofessionalism and later hostility.) I had the great opportunity to mentor, coach and assist my students for the past two years with everyday issues. From helping them with their class schedules, to navigating college procedures, to constructing their resumes, to helping them narrow down their career choices and from simply sitting in an office to just talk! The day’s events as a program coordinator/academic advisor was never dull, nor was it an easy one, but boy did it bring such joy and gratifying fulfillment!

So where to now? Well honestly, I don’t really think selling lemonade is my best option (but don’t be fooled, if I have to I will!). For now, it’s about putting my strategic hat on, revamping my resume to make sure that all my accomplishments are neatly organized, to making use of the great professional networks I’ve been able to build & nurture the past couple of years – and most importantly – having the faith and the know-how that “everything happens for a reason”! God has a plan for me and I have faith in me! No time for self-pitty; I truly believe that God does not put things in our paths that we cannot overcome – “this too shall pass”!

I am determined, I am strong, I have an amazing support system with friends and colleagues and I will overcome this small hurdle – for I always do.

The sadness in my heart will be replaced with the joy in knowing that I made a difference in the lives of young people. I know that they will look back and remember this one counselor who truly cared and who listened without bias!

To my students – I wish you all the best in your personal journeys!

To Lanette, you got this. It will be hard, but good things come to those who are “honest”, “respectful”, “sincere”, “humble”, “resilient” and “whom work hard”!




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