Playing Jacks

Funny, I went out with my friends tonight; it was an early b’day celebration as one of my friends is going in for knee surgery the day before my 40th b’day celebration and while I had a great time – a much needed time out, I can’t help to think of my grandmother – my welita!

You see, my welita passed away last friday and we laid her to rest this past wednesday, and while the raw emotions are still very much vivid, I can’t help to think of her and I playing jacks – yes, jacks. The game where you throw 10 silver pieces shaped like stars on the floor, together with a little red ball, and in sets of one’s and two’s, you pick them up! You see, she taught me how to play that game and boy did she rock it!! I didn’t get how this savy little lady can pick up all 10 peices at the bounce of a ball and yet, I could not!! My grandfather would get a kick out of watching us play, more at watching me whine while my welita kicked my ass at jacks!

Funny how our minds work! I lay in bed thinking and missing my grandmother and the thought of never seeing her again, and it tear’s at my heart and soul! I think – how can God be so cruel? How the mere act of death can have such an everlasting effect on the human heart, mind and soul – why does it hurt so much?

Yet, despite a great night out with my girls, my mind still goes back to me and my welita sitting on her bedroom floor playing jacks. Oh how I loved the game, oh how I love my welita! Damn it – why does the death of someone you love have to hurt so much?

I miss my welita!


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