When all else fails, take a hot bath!!

Ever have a crappy, miserable…. okay, i’ll say it – a really shitty day? From the moment you wake up looking like a back-up dancer in Micheal Jackson’s thriller video, to the mix-match shoes (yeah I said it and yeah it happened to – me, I left the house with one brown and one black panten leather shoe and did not notice until I was on the elevator up to a HS College Fair….you can stop laughing now…lol), to walking in the bathroom and noticing in the mirror that you had a “snot” in your nose and no one, I mean no one said anything… or better yet, a piece of basil stuck between your two front teeth – looking like you’ve never visited a dentist – ever!

But seriously, we’ve all had one of these days when we wished we had fairy dust and a magic wand to abacadabra-it-all-away!!

So what do we do? Well, when all else fails (including the mantras, crying and sangria), then take a hot bath!

If you know me, you know that I’m also known as the Zumba(r) mermaid! I take a hot bath before and after teaching my class, when I’m stressed, when my bones ache or just because….(guess where I am writing this?) A hot bath relaxes the body, the brain and relaxes the spirit (it even helps you come up with new dance choreo for your next class)…

So my friends, light a candle, put on the hot bath, pour in a capful of bubbles (shampoo works fine too – hey, just saying), close the door (don’t answer the knock…don’t) and relax! Even if for 10 or 20 minutes, the point is that you take some time to unwind, breathe and maybe even laugh a little. Laugh at the day’s tribulations and my mix-matched shoes…it’s okay, I am a big girl, I can take it….

So when all else fails, take a hot bath; it will make you feel so much better!!

Love, Lanette



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