Taking a step back!!

There’s nothing more upsetting than when you take 1 step back after moving 3 steps forward. You were motivated, focused, energized, and surrounded by positive energy and then it happened – you took a step back, leaving you feeling defeated, used, down, confused and perhaps weak!

Why do we do this? Why does it happen to the strongest of people? Why do we fall, when we damn well know how strong we are (and we sure as hell know what the consequences are)…..

We’ve all heard of the saying “it’s important to take a step back in order to move forward”… the notion that taking a step back is wise so that we can re-evaluate/re-access our situations; allowing us to look at our options, strategically plan our next move, count our blessings, etc etc.

But this has no bearing on how it makes us feel physically, emotionally and mentally. Taking that step back can be consuming and quite heartbreaking because for one, you’ve worked really hard to where you are now and taking a step back just makes you feel like you’re needing to start all over again (as if everything you worked so hard for has gone to waste). And perhaps, that’s the real lesson here, starting over! I’ve had my share of taking a step back (quite a few to be honest…lol), even when I thought I had it together and under control – NOT!! I now take these back-steps as challenges, holding “myself” accountable for my actions and forcing myself to think critically on why I took that step back – asking myself: Was it for fear of letting go of the what if? Being scared of what the future holds? Being scared of my own possibilities? I really don’t know what it is for you, but for me, I can answer YES to all of the above. I find myself taking a step back when I’m in doubt of my own fierceness & growth! Sounds cocky I know, but it’s so true. I find that I take a step back when I need a reality check or perhaps a smack in the back of my head to wake-up!!!

Look, whatever the reason you find yourself in for taking a step back, that’s for you to reflect on. Just know that this isn’t a time for self-pity, weakness, failure – it should not knock you so far down that you can’t get yourself back up [alone] – come on, you are a lot stronger than that – believe me!

Next time you find yourself taking a step back – stop, reflect, strategize and move ahead. Life is too short to dwell on actions that are sometimes beyond our control (at least it feels that way, but truth be told, we do have control of our actions…but I know it’s easier said than done). Brush it off and keep it moving. We all make mistakes, we’re human for GOD’s sake…. it’s what we learn from those mistakes that count and making sure we don’t repeat them is key!!

Because yes, at the end of the day – it is you my friend that has to live with the consequences and if you’re anything like me, you know it isn’t a fun feeling – so let’s stop doing this to ourselves, let’s tell ourselves that we “are strong”, we “are motivated” and we “are human”…. Love you first my friend….



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