No New Years Resolution For Me

No New Years Resolution for me ~

Hey, I am all for goals, don’t get me wrong – but let’s stop the procrastinating and let’s hold ourselves accountable for those resolutions that never come to fruition!! Stop blaming others for their shortfalls when things in your life aren’t in order, stop blaming others for getting in your way, stop the “it’ll get better” and start taking control of your life!

Goals can come from undone tasks; tasks that we continuosly put off because we allow for things/people to get in the way. Or we save those tasks for a time that’s more convenient or pehaps it just makes us feel better to know we’ll be working towards something…..eventually!

Folks, I’ve heard it all – no smoking, lose weight, eat right, join the gym, put me first, work on my failing marriage…blah, blah, blah!! Year after year…

I’ll admit, I was one to say I’m gonna do more fun stuff, go out more, live life (some of the above) etc etc and while I was well intentioned, the truth is that a month or two in, the desire and drive was GONE!! Vanished, poof-be-gone!

Why? We forget to put ourselves first! We let life and all its interruptions get the better of us! What we fail to understand is that we are in control – you are in control!

My friends, live day-by-day, set realistic short-term goals so that the act of failure never gets a hold of you!

Resolutions are sweet, well intentioned, but serve no purpose if you aren’t being true to your core because at the end, you’ll feel like a failure and chances are you will be at it all over again!!

So take some time to reflect, really figure out what inner changes need to take place – for that is the beginning of any real change – it starts with you!!

If heading to the gym is your goal, then do it! Don’t make it a year-long goal, make it a 2 month goal. Once you’ve done it, you will feel accomplished – no failure, no short falls….just pure gratification that you set a goal and did it!

Do this with all those little things that you want to accomplish in the new year….key word is little!!

Be transparent – look in the mirror, not for the flaws, but for the beauty that hides within you…let it out, be free, live life, love you first!!

Do what your heart desires, one step, one goal at a time – there’s no rush ~

So no more waiting for the New Year champaign toast to set resolutions – start now, start a month from now – start when you’re genuinely ready – for it’s you who will deal with the consequences (good or bad)….

Live life with no regrets ~

Love, Lanette


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