A Homage To “ALL” My Friends ~

I remember being at a party and my mother made a comment to my friend “dile a tu mejor amiga (tell your best friend).” My friends facial expression spoke a million-plus-one words; one of which was “she’s not my best friend!”

I have to admit that while I was not surprised at not being considered her best friend, I was still a little hurt that she may have been annoyed by the comment or suggestion my mother made.

While it took me some time to get over it, I now understand that it was never ill-intentioned. In fact, it forced me to do some soul searching – to really define for myself what exactly a friend is, their purpose and what they each mean to my life.

We all grow up as girls and even young women to think that a “best friend” is one of the most important and sacred relationships we will ever have and for many, this is true. She/he is the one go-to person for “everything”…

But for me – it isn’t so…

I’ll tell you why – I have the most amazing circle of sisters a girl can ever ask for. While some of my friendships are 10, 15, 20 and even 35+ years old (yes, my oldest and dearest friend is Lisa, whom I’ve known since I was 4 and is still one of my most blessed friends), I am lucky enough to have friends who I’ve known for only 1-2 years. There are even some who’ve I’ve known for only a couple of months, but each of them – have been IMPACTFUL; and yes, I continue to make friends today and will continue until I can’t anymore.

We all define friends differently and some may say a person whom you hardly know is not a friend. To that I say “that’s so not true”…. Why you ask?

Because for “me” each of my friends serve a different purpose in my life.

There are some that you can go months without talking to but when you get her on the phone, it’s like being 15 years old all over again; where the conversations can be both meaningful and meaningless.

There are some who will challenge your growth; some who will challenge your thoughts; some who will challenge you in ways never imaginable; some who will push you and motivate you.

There are some who are there simply to make you laugh, to make you dance, to make you feel good about you.

There are some who you can lean on at any time of the day or night, and she will wipe those tears away, provide a listening ear and not speak one word of advice.

And then there are those who belong in your life just because… (that’s for you to decide).

But whatever the reason for your friends, each of your friends serve a purpose, and I bet you that if you took an inventory of your friends today – you will see that each is so different and amazing in his/her way! And truth be told, life without that one person simply wouldn’t be the same!

So while it’s great to call one person your best friend – I am equally as grateful to have many best friends because in my book – you are all special in a “Lanette-kinda-way” you have all contributed to my growth as a woman, mother, sister, daughter, wife and friend and I am eternally grateful at the gift of “your” friendship.

Love, Lanette


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