Love you first! I have been on an incredible

Love you first

I have been on an incredible journey this year (I've often described it to
others as being on a never-ending roller-coaster ride).  A journey that has
forced me to look deep within my soul,  my psyche - in search of who I am, what
my purpose is on this universe (to my family, children, partner, friends, etc)
and where do I go once I've found some of those answers.

I've figured out that this journey I am on is purely the beginning, but what's
even more intriguing is that what I found thus far is so deeply rooted - in 
summary, my journey is mine and it's in my control!!!

Loving "you" first, putting "you" first, staying true to "your core" - are all things
that I've learned to do on this journey and I tell you that the growth I've
endured - spiritually, physically, mentally and emotionally are fascinating.

I chose to document my journey and share it with you all. There are some who would
argue that you should keep your personal and most intimitate business to yourself - but I beg to differ. To them my response would be "how do we change as a culture, how do we grow as individuals, how do our families get stronger, our daughters wiser if we don't share our journey and pay the good fortune we've learned forward??

There's the famous saying (and I've heard about a hundred different variations)
but simply put "you can't love anyone else if you dont love yourself first"...

So join me as I share with you articles that have inspired me, challenged me,
and if nothing else - provided fruitful information about life's journey ~

I am by no means a relationship expert, not even a perfect parent, friend or
sibling - but what I am, is someone who deeply feels that paying it forward is
the biggest form of self-growth! Stay tuned, stay in touch and remember - "put you first".....

Love, Lanette 


2 thoughts on “Love you first! I have been on an incredible

  1. Kendra Anderson

    Wow Lanette! You never cease to amaze me with your resilience and zest for life! Write on my sister! Pay homage to the people that have influenced your life. You inspire me! Thanks for being you!


  2. Anna Anton

    Lanette, thank you for sharing your blog, wow I absolutely loved loved loved it!!! You are an amazing woman and friend, a true inspiration!!! Continue to shine and always stay true to yourself!



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